To remove the spur, the tape and any string are unwrapped. Also, it is important to consider using only a silver line to a silver line as if the ultimate goal is a silver type bird; then gold is often very difficult to remove from a line causing loss of the pure white color, it is not so necessary the other way around, i.e., silver in gold. It takes much patience, tolerance, time, and knowledge to achieve a goal of a new color. In reality, it is the picking up, discarding, and recombining of a huge range of different genres, from the feather color to the physical shape of the bird. If one remembers that these colors were developed in poultry by careful selective breeding and there may not be just one characteristic or single gene involved for example, in the Sebright, the rooster is hen feather, and thus, both rooster and hen can be bred from the one pen – no cockerel or pullet breeding lines.

For example, if you choose silver laced, one has a choice of the Wyandotte which s128 sabung ayam has the cockerel and pullet breeding pens, or the Sebright, where the rooster is hen feather but none of the hassle of different pens. Dreaming of a rooster pecking means that you must be attentive to everything that happens in your reality and everything that is yours because someone will want to hurt you or yours. It will be necessary to defend everything; you have to be strong, always have a good attitude, and see how to solve everything. When starting, plan a strategy, as all that may be needed in the Pekin is available in the local Pekins, although not of good quality.

Many color patterns of Pekins do not exist in Australia. Feather legs, eye, and leg color are not a problem as they come back very easily because of the constant necessity of crossing back to a pure Pekin as ideal as possible. Comb shape is neither a problem nor the mulberry face of the Sebright as they will long be lost along the way. Is it worth using the different shapes of the Sebright regarded as different years of selective breeding to keep the hen feathering or the shorter time using the Wyandotte because its type is more similar to the Pekin? Another strategy is to choose a breed of the bird as similar as possible in feather type and shape as a Pekin, like a bantam Wyandotte or bantam Orpington, as the tilt foreword, lowness, and the cushion tail are very difficult to achieve.